Adding Bling To The Festive Season With Timeless Accessories

It’s the festive season, which also means it’s time to stand out from the crowd. But with every passing year, it has become increasingly difficult to prevent yourself from being a shopaholic on the pretext of Diwali and weddings. In a day and age where every mega sale is swallowing you in a  sea of […]

5 ‘Must – Have’ Handbags for Every Woman

It’s true that a handbag is perhaps, a woman’s last secret place. It is where we store items that can range between everyday indispensables to intensely personal in terms of definition. Across various cultures and along different timelines, a woman’s handbag has been a subject of great interest. And for good reason! If you really […]

How To Treat Your Bags Right : An Easy Guide To A Daunting Task

Anyone who’s invested in a luxury bag knows the importance of taking care of your prized possession. Yet, neglecting the upkeep of your handbag is something that everyone’s guilty of. Ironic, but true! This may be because at times we genuinely don’t know how to take care of our precious pieces. That’s why, we’ve made a […]

Why Investing In A Swarang Bag Makes Monetary Sense

Swarang designer bags are designed to relay a story which makes them distinctive, therefore, investing in one of our intricately designed bags can truly enrich and transform your ensemble.   They say that the first thing someone notices in a man is his shoes. For a woman, it’s the handbag she carries. Whether it’s a […]

An Impression in Time- Dhokra Craft of Chattisgarh

A craft that dates back to the Indus Valley Civilisation, Dhokra has survived centuries through a lineage of great artisans clustered predominantly in the hinterlands of central and eastern India. It is based on the lost-wax casting technique, which involves using a mould for creating brass sculptures. A standardised yet complex process, performing Dhokra calls […]