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How To Treat Your Bags Right : An Easy Guide To A Daunting Task

Anyone who’s invested in a luxury bag knows the importance of taking care of your prized possession. Yet, neglecting the upkeep of your handbag is something that everyone’s guilty of. Ironic, but true! This may be because at times we genuinely don’t know how to take care of our precious pieces. That’s why, we’ve made a compilation of some handy dandy tips that’ll make it easier for you to treat your handbags with the TLC they deserve.


Store Smart – Use a Dust Bag

All Swarang bags come with an individual breathable, cotton dust bag for easy storage and upkeep. This is an important accompaniment that keeps your bag out of the light, comfortably aired and safe from the elements. Even if you purchase a handbag that comes without a dustbag, consider purchasing one yourself. You can find eco-friendly options pretty easily. Also, remember that a dust bag is not the same as a plastic poly bag! The plastic bag can cause damage to your leather bags.


Maintain the Shape

There’s nothing sadder than a sunken-in handbag. However, this structural catastrophe can be avoided completely. All Swarang bags come with an individual foam shaper which we encourage our clients to store within the bag to maintain its shape. If, however, your bag doesn’t come with a shaper, rolling sweaters inside your bag or padding the insides with newspapers helps them maintain their shape. While you might be inclined to sling your bag over a doorknob or hook, resist the urge. Don’t hang your handbag by the handle as it may distort the leather. Standing it upright on a shelf, instead, helps maintain its shape better.


Tend to mishaps right away!

Don’t wait to get those small repairs done because you may cause more harm than good if you do. Keep your bag stain and odour free by taking steps to ensure any mishap is attended to immediately. Don’t make the mistake of putting it off for another time. If your bag has developed an odour, store your purse with an opened packet of baking soda inside (mind that you don’t spill it) or place dryer sheets in your bag until the smell dissipates. As for stains, food and ink pen marks can typically be removed with a clean cloth but more severe stains or water stains are best treated with a professional’s help. At Swarang, we offer to take care of any reparation your Swarang Designs bag may require during the course of time. So, at the first sign of damage, get in touch with us and we’ll tighten the seams and spruce up that gorgeous leather in no time. That being said, there are certain incidents best avoided – like ball pen marks or unwarranted encounters with sharp objects – as these are nearly impossible to fix.


Keep It Out of the Light

Letting your handbag sit in the light for too long can cause damage. Store it somewhere without direct sunlight (preferably in your closet) to prevent any discoloration, and with low humidity to avoid mold. We generally advise our clients to avoid taking out their precious leather bags during the rainy season as leather and moisture are not a befitting combination (think moisture and mold!)


Consider Using a Handbag Liner

We’ve all had a messy moment (or two) wherein a make-up product got loose or a take away coffee tumbler caused a  crime scene inside your favourite tote. Protect your designer bag from spillage mishaps by using a handbag liner. And if that’s not practical for you, then consider storing any and all liquids in a pouch or cosmetics bag within your tote. Not only will your bag be protected, a liner makes it easy to swap out bags quickly.


Always Zip or Fasten the Handbag & Overlap Handles 

Leaving handles with heavy hardware to hang on the sides of your bag when not in use will put added stress on the handbag or may cause tearing, so make sure that you always zip or fasten your handbags and then overlap any handles on top of it. 


Rotate Your Bags

As with any of your most-loved garments, rotating your designer bag for others in your collection will aid in its longevity. Although spending a good amount of money on a bag may insinuate you need to use it every single day, keep it in a healthy accessories rotation to curtail its overuse.


The concluding piece of advice is to embrace the beauty of aged leather and take solace in knowing that your favourite handbag has been on a life journey as wholesome as your own and no matter how well you maintain it, it’s bound to show some signs wear and tear, which is not just okay, but in a way, beautiful because it will always remind you of the cherishable experiences you had along the way.

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