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Adding Bling To The Festive Season With Timeless Accessories

It’s the festive season, which also means it’s time to stand out from the crowd. But with every passing year, it has become increasingly difficult to prevent yourself from being a shopaholic on the pretext of Diwali and weddings. In a day and age where every mega sale is swallowing you in a  sea of choices, it’s time to buy mindfully. We often prioritize quantity over quality when it comes to buying festive outfits and accessories. But wouldn’t it be great if we get rid of the clutter of average accessories in our wardrobe and add less, but powerful pieces that bring some much-needed stability and style to our wardrobe. 

It’s time to invest in longevity and legacy!

All you need is a dash of creativity to build a striking collection of styles, with accessories that put you a league apart. We’re here to help you do exactly that, this festive season. 

The Secret Is In The Accessories 

When it comes to dressing well this festive season, it’s all about the details. The word “accessories” comes from the Latin “accessorium,” which translates to “addition.” So it’s a fitting word to describe the many ways it can really change the style game of an outfit. Accessories say a lot about your personality. They reflect your sense of style and help you craft your own unique look. 

Think of it like this. You may not need 50 types of dresses to keep your look fresh and new. You can easily achieve that knock-out level of beauty and versatility with 10 outfits and the right armor of statement accessories. Brownie points if the accessories are the perfect combination of striking design with strong structures made to last. 

Outfits are driven by trends. Not that it’s a bad thing to follow the trends. But as in life, so in fashion, everything good is a result of balance. So even if you go low profile on your outfits, you can still look regal and well put together by investing in accessories that are timeless and classic. 

Do you remember your Maa’s exquisite saree that you have always wanted to wear but still haven’t? It’s time to take it out and pair it with statement accessories to style it in your own unique way. And after the festive season is over, pair it with jackets, dresses, long shirts as per the occasion. That’s an intelligent and mindful way of buying an accessory, isn’t it? 

Accessorizing Tips Before You Make A Purchase

Accessories are a way of expressing your personality, adding that oomph factor and making a statement. When it comes to accessories, it’s advised to not follow the trends mindlessly. An accessory should speak to you and speak of you to the world. 

Don’t follow the trends blindly: When shopping for accessories, it’s smart to invest in pieces that are unique, durable, and that you can easily use later. Invest in pieces that you can muti style and use with all kinds of attire. Like this elegant corset belt that is a perfect piece to add that oomph factor to your regular Indian wear. 

Put some thought into defining your style: Personal styles can be fun and versatile. Before making a purchase based on assumptions, spend some time to figure out what makes you, you,  in terms of your clothing and accessories. How do you want your personality to reflect in your style? Invest in statement pieces that define your style. 

Make your accessory the center point of your look: Have one focal point in your outfits like a bag, shoes or jewelry. When statement pieces are clubbed with basic clothes they elevate the entire look and you tend to have a circular wardrobe, where clothes can be repeated and worn often. 

Invest In Classics:  Go ahead and get the accessories that stand the test of time and don’t succumb to a fad. Now, what can be more chic and classic than carrying a piece of history and art on your sling bag

Get a mix of neutral and colored pieces. Monochromes are the best. : The key to a perfect outfit is finding the right colors. Having the right balance of neutrals and your color pop pieces in all categories of your wardrobe is the best strategy to get the most mileage out of your seasonless accessories. 

Look for pieces that are unique: ​​Buy a piece that isn’t like anything else in your closet. A new signature accessory elevates your everyday look and adds a touch of originality to any ensemble. Choose an accessory that adds depth to even regular jeans and kurta. Asking this question can help. Is this piece a conversation starter? Because if it is, then it takes off the burden of beauty from the rest of your outfit and you are ready to slay. Luxury items are designed to stand out in any outfit. Style yourself with something that’s uniquely yours. 

Takeaway: Invest in accessories that make an impact on your style as well as reflect your personality.

While you are at it, let us help you get a step closer to pieces that carry history and art with them and promise to stand the test of time and age. Some of our recommendations for accessorizing this festive season:

Go handsfree with a belt bag : 

Who doesn’t want to go handsfree in the festive season? Especially to get into a full-on fun mode during wedding dances and card parties. Belt bags are a trend that started years ago and was presumed to be a fad but they are here to stay thanks to their uber chic look and great functionality. It has given millennial women a chance to carry their essentials, blending well with Indian wear and not having to find a man to hold it for them. No more having to request someone to hold your phone, lipstick, and keys while you want to rock the dance floor. 

Belt bags empower women and they add this beautiful twist to our basic cotton saris to turn some heads in the crowd. 

Striking in its subtlety and simplistic in nature Swarang’s Dhokra belt bag is a match made in heaven for your Anarkali dresses and sarees. Setting the perfect contrast between leather and metal with many shades of brown when put together makes it a perfect go-to piece for all kinds of occasions. 

Roop Belt Bag: Its versatility is its greatest quality. Carry your essentials in a luxurious bag that underlines the carefree and elegant style of the free-spirited woman. It’s a bag, it’s a clutch, it’s a belt. You do you. 

Snug It With A Belt 

Belts are not only a great way to lift up basic wardrobes like cotton saris and solid clothes but they go a long way to accentuate the bold feminine, snugging to your body and defining the curves. They work well for the festive season with Indian outfits and also blend beautifully with your regular day-to-day styling. 

Not to mention the boss vibes you get while pairing a corset-style belt with a tailored suit. It’s time to channel your inner diva with this understated yet classic piece of accessory- Swarang’s Falat Belt. Crafted from luxe leather, you can multi-style this belt, up or down your looks as per the occasion and need. 

Enchant With A Box Style Sling

If there has to be one accessory that sums up what elegance and class look like, it has to be a box-style sling bag. Complementing most of your ethnic wardrobe, especially in darker palettes, a box-style bag is a sure-shot head turner. Yodha Box Sling is a gorgeous box bag handcrafted in calf leather and includes an intricate brass handle on top. This bag is for those super dressy occasions and parties, to complement your ethnic outfits and roomy enough to carry all your winnings from the gala night. 

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