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  • Free shipping on orders above 1000 INR
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  • Free shipping on orders above 1000 INR
  • Made with 💛 in India.

Fanny Art-Pack

Always wished for a bag with trend and suave intact? Well, this is your bag- the Fanny Pack.

Once a utility bag the fanny pack has made an impressive comeback. Fashion giants like Zimmerman, Gucci, Prada are all in row and love with the once travel bag turned into a fine accessory. The likes of Balenciaga, Zimmerman, Marc Jacobs are showcasing the trendy bags all over the runway. With a major re-design of the bag with fabric materials and trims being changed in order to generate a mass appeal to this new age Millennial generation.

But what are these new age fashion accessory all about?

The Fanny pack is a small fabric pouch secured with a buckle or zipper worn around the hip or the waist. The use of this bag has been witnessed in various cultures and civilizations all around history. The Native Americans used a buffalo pouch, which was used instead of sewing pockets into clothing or Scottish sporran or the Otiz Tribe using a belted pouch, to name a few. The design varied but the idea remained the same – to have a bag to carry supplies or necessary items and have your pockets and hand free.

The fanny bags were used as athleisure purpose, to make the athletes hands-free and easy. The new age fanny bags serve as every inch trend-savvy. Also, known as the bum bag, Buffalo pouch, belt pack and most creatively, the ‘belted satchel’, the former faux pas is being reclaimed in equals parts by Haute Couture and rappers.

Fanny packs date back to the Europeans in the 15th century when they wore a small bag that hung from a belt called a chatelaine.
It wasn’t until the 1980s that Americans got hooked on these bags.

By the late 80’s and early 90’s this bag became more of style item then a mere bag of needs and popularized by Wrestler turned actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson sporting his leather model in a Vogue article in September of ’96.

The fanny packs are a major fashion throwback moment just a bit cooler and hipster. The 90’s most stylish product used by the common man to Spring 2018 runaways we have seen the drastic changes to it and are sure we might find remains of it somewhere in our homes

Fashion giants like Gucci, Prada, and LV have added this style statement on their runaways and accessories line with a newer and sleeker touch for giving it a modern vibe, Jared Leto enjoying at Coachella or Madonna carrying it around the town. Even Mass Retail Brands like Zara, Asos, and Forever21 are selling this bag and the style statement is here to stay.

The utility bag is stylish and the ideal statement piece and it is the most controversial bags ever. Major designers are having one in the collection nowadays; the bum bag is back with a vengeance and is here to stay.

At Swarang, we decided to jump on the bandwagon and came up with 12 exclusive pieces of “limited edition” belt bags (Fanny Bags) with Dhokra elephant on the flap. We all have a sweet spot for the kind-hearted intelligent and wise creature of god- elephants. Elephants signify the symbol of strength and intelligence adorning the beautiful bags, with the right amalgamation of beauty, modernity and humble Indian touch to it.


But, what is Dhokra elephant?

Dhokra is an art-form of making idols, and artefacts using brass through the famous lost-wax technique. One of the oldest known techniques for makings sculptures and figures is the lost-wax method which can be dated to over 5,500 years. It is practiced in different parts of and is named after the metal-smith tribes of West Bengal – Dhokra – Damar.

Indian God “Ganesha” bears an elephant head, the elephant symbolizes strength and power along with upmost wisdom and loyalty to the believers of Hinduism

Since our inception, our motto has been to redefine and rediscover the forgotten crafts of India and not only to provide you with the best products but to also empower artists of today. We try to bridge this gap between the art, the artist, and our customers.

The bags at Swarang are unique in their own ways. Every bag is adorned with elephants to showcase the beautiful aesthetics and is unique in one way or the other. The various silhouettes of the bags are worked upon and are turned into multi-functional bags- like that of a sling belt and whatever the demand of the hour is. The latest trend of belt bags is doing the rounds but one can never forget that sling bags never go out of trend.

The bags at Swarang are handcrafted to delicacy and makes up for the most beautiful and aesthetic appeal to every audience. Each piece is unique as it is handmade and is different from one another because of the human touch involved in the making of it. Famed Delhi Based Fashion and lifestyle Blogger Akanksha Redhu shows us how it is actually done, Going out for coffee with friends or to the mall you can style the bag belted it with your denim or Palazzo.

There are many updated versions on how to wear the fanny pack apart from belting it at the waist, You can drape it across your chest like a cross body bag. One can even style it over the jacket or on a casual Dress to up the game!

These bags are not just for western attire as they can be matched with your jewelry and worn on the hip with your Kanjeevaram sarees or a Patiala for a casual look. Vinitha Shetty of “BeingNita” feels Styling this fanny pack with her everyday outfits was a breeze, she has styled herself with utmost ease and it looks gorgeous on her.

The brass elephant on the fanny pack compliments Indian colors and connects with roots of the country which is famous for its diverse and secular cultures.
While buying Bags at Swarang you are not only helping in promoting a rich heritage but also helping in promoting the traditional historical crafts of the nation- with a hint of the modernity. The artisans working with Swarang are spread across the various villages in the nation, the main idea is to get the craftsmanship of these beautiful artisans to focus on the wider angle.

Fanny Bag/Waist Bag or Utility bag call it whatever you want but this trend is here to stay for long. From Celebrities, Global runways to Street Fashion, you will see everyone going gaga over this style.

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