Free Shipping on Orders above 1000 INR

Shipping Policy

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Swarang Designs delivers all across the world. Order processing takes place every day except for Sundays and National Holidays. Shipping is free for all domestic and international orders above ₹1000; however, Cash on Delivery (COD) facility can be availed only in India at an extra cost of ₹100 per order.

Since the majority of the products are MTO (Made To Order), order processing can take 10-12 days from the time of receipt of payment confirmation against an order placed with Swarang Designs. However, the time to dispatch is only an indicative and approximate measure that is subject to changes owing to the availability, customization details, and other factors concerning your order. With that being said, you can receive your product(s) before time or at a delayed date. Swarang Designs is not liable for any delay that occurs due to natural calamities, acts of God or any other circumstances that are beyond the control of Swarang Designs.

In case the information provided by you relating to your contact and address details is incomplete/incorrect and leads to a delay or a failed delivery, you will be liable to claim any extra costs towards re-attempted delivery. Double-check the information you provide before placing an order; this will speed up the delivery process and enable us to serve you better. However, Swarang Designs in its sole discretion can prohibit anyone from availing the services of this Site if, upon confirmation, such user details are not found true- whether wholly or partly. Any changes to the shipping address are permissible for the 24 hours from placing of the order, and no further changes will be entertained after that.

Any local taxes, customs duties or courier handling charges levied on international orders are to be paid at the time of delivery. These are non-refundable and are to be fully borne by you. In the event of order cancellation or exchange, these will not be refunded.


  • All products shall be shipped from India.
  • Billing Address refers to the address where a customer receives credit card bills.
  • Shipping address refers to the address where the order has to be delivere

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