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5 ‘Must – Have’ Handbags for Every Woman

It’s true that a handbag is perhaps, a woman’s last secret place. It is where we store items that can range between everyday indispensables to intensely personal in terms of definition. Across various cultures and along different timelines, a woman’s handbag has been a subject of great interest. And for good reason! If you really think about it, it’s not just the contents of the handbag that induce a sense of wonderment, it’s the fact that it reflects a woman’s personal style, and is a window to her inner fashionista’s soul, if you will. You think that’s stretching it a notch? Go ahead, ask any woman if she would trade her favourite handbag for anything else. The most likely response to that would be a firm and fashionable NO and this is because they are so much more than just vessels for carrying essentials—the right one can pull your entire look together and make a strong style statement – announce to the world that you’re here to make a mark. Who’d want to let go of that?

Most of us have at least a couple of different handbags in our closets and like shoes, each serves its own purpose, dresses an outfit up or down, and speaks to the wearer’s individual style. Today, we have so many different types of handbags to choose from (again, we’re not complaining) So here we are, with a list of must-have closet essentials that would complement your various looks and never let you down. Read on for our guide to the five different types of purses that are must-haves for any wardrobe to get you style ready for any occasion.


1.     Shoulder bag

View shoulder Bags – https://swarangdesigns.com/product-category/bags/shoulder-bags/

This mainstay gets its name from the way it’s worn slung over one shoulder. Shoulder bags are usually just associated with everyday casual and professional situations, but our collection of chic and intricately designed shoulder bags can be adapted to all kinds of outfits and settings. Our line-up of shoulder bags is quirky, uncomplicated, and uniquely stylized to suit the purpose of functionality as well as accentuate your unique personality.


2.     Tote


View Tote Bags – https://swarangdesigns.com/product-category/bags/tote-bags/

Consider this the answer to your everyday haul. A comfortable, single-compartment bag that usually has no closure, a tote makes it easy to throw items in or take them out while on the move. It’s a perfect option for women who simply cannot be bothered about switching handbags every time they step out. Swarang totes are constructed from a durable, casual canvas fabric to structured, high quality materials like genuine leather, making them perfectly suited for your shopping sprees or last-minute outings.



3.     Sling Bag

View Sling Bags – https://swarangdesigns.com/product-category/bags/sling-bags/

Don’t think minimalist when you picture a Swarang sling bag, because when it comes to our collection of sling bags, you’ll be in sling heaven and spoilt for choice! Some of our sling bags are small, discreet, and the perfect size for carrying a mobile, a debit card, ID, lipstick, keys, and some cash for when you don’t want to be bogged down with non-necessities, such as an evening hopping from one location to the next, a weekend festival, or a quick walk or errand. Others are intricately designed, luxurious leather pieces that can easily be passed down as heirlooms, depending on how well you maintain them of course! (Link to blog ‘how to treat your bags right)


4.     Knapsack

View Knapsacks – https://swarangdesigns.com/product-category/bags/knapsacks/

Don’t be mistaken. A knapsack is not ‘just for students. This utilitarian style is a polished version of the campus classic, allowing you to live your best adult life without any hassle. Our knapsacks are uniquely handcrafted out of time proof materials like genuine leather to more earthy ones like felt and bhagalpuri fabric, with attention to detail and medium to oversized options from a utility point of view. —think tablets and laptops (hint for digital nomads). This casual style is best for casual coffee dates with friends or a quick weekend getaway – basically for people who are always on the move.


5.     Clutch

View Clutch Bags – https://swarangdesigns.com/product-category/bags/clutches/

These glamorous handhelds are generally evening accessories, though the formality can range from moderate to very upscale. Our genuine leather, hand-crafted clutches will complement your attire and lift your look in a formal occasion, while they can be carried to a happy hour or date night. This sumptuous style can pack a lot of versatility—our clutches range from classic minimalistic styles to oversized opulence to make a bold statement – either way, a perfect combination of style, ease and sophistication.


Don’t forget to discover your style

Our list, of course, comprises of all our favourite essentials which have you covered for all types of everyday situations or formal occasions.  But this shouldn’t stop you from exploring other styles and discovering what reflects your unique style more profoundly or makes you confident in your skin. No matter which handbags you decide to invest in, what matters is the quality and craft. At Swarang, quality is un-compromised. All our handbags are thoughtfully constructed with style and comfort in mind. And the craft that goes behind the making of each Swarang handbag is a continued legacy of generations gone by – carried forward by our uniquely gifted craftsman, who have, over the years, mastered the art of storytelling through designs, colours and weaves. All you need to do is go for a style that speaks to you.

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