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Why Investing In A Swarang Bag Makes Monetary Sense

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Swarang designer bags are designed to relay a story which makes them distinctive, therefore, investing in one of our intricately designed bags can truly enrich and transform your ensemble.


They say that the first thing someone notices in a man is his shoes. For a woman, it’s the handbag she carries. Whether it’s a small, structured frame bag or an oversized tote, this small piece of attire can truly make or break your look. While most women already know that, many of us do wonder whether it’s really worth going for an investment piece.

Is it worth buying a designer bag with a hefty price tag?


And here’s why…

All of Swarang designer bags are designed to relay a story which makes them distinctive, therefore, investing in one of our intricately designed bags can truly enrich and transform your ensemble. Although at first glance, the price tag of any designer bag can be intimidating, it often saves you money in the longer run. While it’s perfectly fine to add budget-friendly options to your wardrobe, you would never regret putting your money in one of our elegant designer pieces as well, especially for times when you want to make a lasting impression.

With that in mind, here’s our top 6 reasons why a Swarang bag can be a worthy investment for you.

1. A Swarang handbag is versatile

Our handbags are worth investing in because they are one of the most versatile pieces you can own. They can be mixed and matched with any outfit for any occasion. Whether you pair it with sharper, western silhouettes or go for a desi vibe in a saree, a Swarang bag helps you achieve a look that is elegant and swanky and goes with your myriad moods. Your attire impacts how you feel, and a designer bag is always a great confidence booster. Also, the handbag itself can be alternatively styled given that each Swarang handbag comes with a detachable sling. (Ask us how Swarang bags can be styled differently – click here)

2. It elevates your outfit

One of the reasons why our handbags are a bit expensive is that the quality is unparalleled. They’re constructed of the best materials from ornate clasps to quality hardware. When combined with premium leather a bag can end up being expensive. The quality structure and craftsmanship never fails to add a statement to an outfit.

3. The cost per wear is worth-while

If you really think about it, buying a designer piece actually works out wiser for the pound because they last longer and you wear them more often because they go with almost anything. Replacing a cheaper bag every few months works out a bigger dent in the pocket over time. A designer bag, however, may last for the entirety of your life – and you can even pass it down as an heirloom item. You just need to know how to take care of your prized possessions.

4. They are super durable

Carrying fast fashion, lower quality bags that are trend driven, can mean ending up with threads getting loose and torn seams. They eventually fall apart, before you’d expect, it’s time for a replacement. You would never have this experience with a Swarang luxury piece.
Regardless of how often you carry one of our handbags, they remain durable and weather almost anything because we adhere to stringent quality standards and use only the best raw material for the production of our accessories. In fact, we pay attention to the finest of details and our bags undergo stringent wear and tear testing ensuring top-notch hides and fittings that last longer.

5. They are unique

Our artists are expert craftsmen who know the fine art of mingling artistic story-telling through design and expressing it delicately upon the finest of materials and that’s why, apart from being our handbags are more durable, embody a beautiful façade, always hold their value and are unique conversation starters. Also, Swarang bags can be personalized, making your piece truly one of a kind.

6. Customer Relationship

While investing in a designer piece, after sales service plays an important role. At Swarang, we believe in nurturing lasting relationships with our clients and therefore, during the course of time, if there’s any reparation or customization required, we do it for you at no extra charge apart from a minimal courier cost.

Ultimately, all our handbags are stylish, durable and transform your look completely. Investing in a quality bag – or two – is beneficial because they last for a lifetime – and in a world of ever changing fashion trends – our timeless bags never go out of style.

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