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The Art and the Artist

What do you call a form of art that was once largely neglected now stands at the forefront and has transformed the economy of a poverty-stricken state? Madhubani art is that beautiful amalgamation of stunning imagery and stellar storytelling, which leaves you wondering the lineage of this craft.

Madhubani art dates back to the ancient times of Lord Janak and Lord Ram and is deeply rooted in the Hindu traditional and cultural contexts. Originally only a women’s affair, this art was painted on the walls of palaces and houses to mark and commemorate celebrations, especially weddings, a tradition started after Goddess Sita’s wedding to Lord Ram. It was then recognized by the British who lauded all things hand-made and the art reached a wider audience. However, the huge disparity between the hard work and the payment has continued to be an issue for the artists.

The paintings require meticulous strokes along with the precision of coloring. Artists spend days and sometimes weeks to create one piece of art which is unique and one of its kind. There are no mechanical alternatives to Madhubani and to this day the artist enjoys complete ownership over her art.

At Swarang, we understand the artist and the needs of the people we cater to. We realize that as consumers of all things fine, a handmade product seals the deal. Since our inception, our motto has been to rediscover the forgotten craft of Madhubani so as to not only provide you with the best products but to also empower Madhubani artists of today. These artists bear the brunt of large-rampant urbanization and compete with large-scale mass production. Swarang bridges this gap between the art, the artist and our customers.

Madhubani art has been one of the strongest pillars in eliminating vast poverty from Bihar. It has also played an integral role in encouraging women to participate in the economy and become financially independent along with showcase their talent that was once on the brink of redundancy. By choosing a Swarang product, you are choosing not only a piece of unique art and fine leather, but are also contributing to the artists’ self-reliance.

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